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Who we are

About Briter

Briter - a tweaked version of the word ‘brighter’;

Bridges - ‘a time, place, or means of connection’ (Merriam-Webster);

Briter is built around the intention to reframe and adjust the conversation about economic development as well as investigate the ways innovation and technology intertwine with social change - particularly across emerging markets. Our mission – putting information into reliable and digestible data – is grounded in the idea that investment and creativity depend on the availability not only of data but also a conducive narrative and a knowledge infrastructure.

Meet the team


Dario Giuliani - Founder and director

London, United Kingdom

Dario works at the intersection between emerging markets, innovation, and socio-economic growth. Through Briter, he aims at boosting the creative process by facilitating relevant connections and producing bespoke qualitative research.

Dario has worked across Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe and earned a MSc in Development Studies from SOAS.

Seleu Reginald-1.jpg

Seleu Reginald - Research Analyst

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Seleu is based in Yaoundé and specialises in alternative financing for SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Passionate about arts, financial analysis and Development Studies, Seleu is completing a Masters Degree in International Studies, with specialisation in International Banking and Finance, and works at Mougano Investment, a Cameroonian financial company, as a Business Analyst as well as as freelance graphic designer.

Boyd BW.jpg

Boyd Ndonga - Product Development

Nairobi, Kenya

Boyd is a Nairobi-based Product Developer based interested in bridging gaps between consumers and solutions by means of technology. Graduate in Civic Engineering, he studied software development and is a Technical Advisor at Moringa School, where he usually found evangelising technology and its impact, working around data-driven products or planning product road-maps.


Lisa With - Co-Head of Research

London, United Kingdom

Lisa holds an MSc in Development Economics, and is interested in the drivers of sustainable economic growth across frontier and emerging economies. Her work at Briter Bridges revolves around integrating qualitative insights on the role of technology in creating social impact, with the more quantitative and analytical sides of the research.