Business intelligence for emerging markets



Decisions, especially in regard to business and investment, are determined by having access to knowledge. In the digital era, such knowledge can be codified, organised, and crystallised into data and expressed through all sorts of visual representation. Our mission consists of finding those segments and regions where the lack of accurate information constrains decision-making, and create this knowledge infrastructure.

What we do

We help you learn more about innovation, investment and business opportunities across underserved markets by building and visualising data. From sector mappings to gender-related research, across Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, we produce research and produce digestible data in order to showcase untapped opportunities.

How we do it

  1. We curate, visualise and distribute data

  2. We track companies, deals, and market trends

  3. We provide tailored research and industry reports

  4. We build constructive connections between ecosystems.

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